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About Us

NEW LOCATION! We are located at 4389 Highway 11E Bluff City, TN 37618

Our Mission

Life is a much more beautiful and happier when everyone's Wellness is met. Here at The Pawfect Place, our mission is to get you & your dog, to 100% together! 

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between Man & man's Best Friend

Reward Based Balanced Training

Training is more than just teaching your dog to do what you it to.  It is about it is about forming a language between you & Fido- it is about  creating communication. Communication is what forms bonds build on love, trust, and respect, and strengthens your relationship. 

Balanced Training is finding YOUR DOGS balance between, praise and discipline, reward and punishment, good consequences and bad consequences . Balanced Training is a science of taking each individual dog and learning what structures they need in their life to truly be happy by reinforcing them. 

Training should be tailored to each individual dog. Some dogs require more patience, understanding and time, while other dogs just need to be taught who is in charge and shown how things need to be done. Learning for a dog is the same as humans in the sense that one learning style and training program does not fit all. 

That is what The Pawfect Place is about. It is about finding that balance so everyone can live in harmony. 

Going out of town?

Board & Train is our most popular training package! Drop off your pup with them pulling you at the end of the leash & pick them up fully trained! 

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