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Chaco!! <3 ADOPTED!!


Chaco is a 2 year old energetic, beautiful happy baby boy who is looking for his new home. He is a black and white neutered Pit/Lab Mix. Chaco is also dog friendly - cat testing upon request.

Chaco is going to require a Dog Savy individual who understands or is willing to learn and understand basic dog learning theory and will continue to work with him on a daily basis.

Chaco is an alpha male who does not take to a forceful or heavy hand (how he wound up in the shelter to begin with), however he responds beautifully to positive reinforcement.
Chaco will willingly and happily work, but he requires you to meet his motivations.

Chaco will not make a good “house pet”. He needs his person to be active - both mentally & physically in order to keep him out of trouble.

The reward for treating Chaco how Chaco deserves to be treated is met with the biggest smile, willingness to perform any task that is ask of him, and loyalty to the end.

Please consider adopting your next family member today! 🐾🏡💕




Maximus came to The Pawfect Place from For Pete Sake Rescue. He is almost 2 years old and full of that Husky energy! 

When you first meet Maximus, he can be a little stand-off-ish. His first family didn't socialize him properly, however with every positive introduction he is gaining more confidence every day! 

Maximus loves to snuggle, and chew on real bones and antlers. He CANNOT have squeaky toys.  

Maximus is dog friendly, and politely cat curious. 

Successfuly Adopted!


Walnut is roughly a 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. 

He is one smart cookie! And UNBELIEVABLY food motivated! So far, he has been dog friendly. (Not every dog gets along with every dog either) He was also tested with a confident, socialized cat, which went perfectly. (Please advise every cat introduction should be approached with caution.)

This crazy boy is coming to us from Sullivan County Animal Shelter.

If you are interested in meeting Walnut, please contact us!  


Successfully Adopted!

Gideon is a 2 year old American Staffordshire/Hound Mix who loves affection! 

He is currently in our "Foster to Training" program here at the Pawfect Place.

Upon gradation Gideon will have his basic obedience which will include Place, Sit and Down (with implied stay) and a recall. 

Interested in adopting this Handsome Man? Contact For Pete's Sake Rescue Today!

Zeus 2


Zues 2 came to The Pawfect Place from Sullivan County Animal Shelter. He had been at the shelter for 100 days! Upon arriving at The Pawfect Place, Zeus had no previous training whatsoever. Upon graduation from our "Foster to Train" Program, Zeus recieved basic obedience training to include place, sit and down (both with implied stay) and a recall. He graduated on 17AUG18 and found his fur-ever family all on the same day!