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Head Dog Trainer, Meditation Teacher In Training

Cassidy Ann

Cassidy is a dog training, yogi who lives in the Universe and uses energy to heal and others and their dogs. Cassidy also used energy to create bonds that cannot be broken between Man & man's Best Friend. 

Cassidy's journey began after she ended her time in the service feeling very lost and confused - not knowing who she was anymore.

 "I knew I wasn't the same person that I was before I joined, and I didn't want to be the same person I was while I was the service."

So began the journey of fusing the old with the new and unraveling everything she was - in order to become someone she had never been before. A Successful Business Owner.

After being in the medical field for 11 years and feeling burnt out - Cassidy decided to follow her passion with Dogs, Rescues in particular, to become a professional dog trainer. Cassidy graduated from Starmark Academy in July of 2018. 

She immediately came back home to the Tri-Cities to start her own business with one vision in mind - "to bridge the gap between man and man's best friend". Over the year that Cassidy spent building her business and her reputation training dogs, she was diving deeper into self-help, self-exploration, and energy healing. It wasn't until the two passions finally emerged after moving into our new commercial building - A WELLNESS CENTER for both YOU & your DOG!

Cassidy couldn't love her life and her job anymore. Her radiance shines the moment she steps into a room. Her connection to dogs is unremarkable - how she is able to communicate with them on a higher level. 

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Cassidy now has a Blog that you can follow! The Blog posts consist of human wellness, dog wellness, dog training, yoga videos, meditation sessions and more! The Pawfect Place is the Go-To place for You & Your Dog's Wellness! 

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Education and Experience

Member since 2018


 APDT, is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education. 

Certified Canine Trainer and Behavioral Specialist


Cassidy is a Graduate from Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Training. She is a Certified Canine Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist. 

Avid Volunteer


The Pawfect Place has a volunteer program with local animal shelters and rescues. We offer free training to shelter dogs in order to help get them adopted




 Josh has spent most of his adult life working between the medical field and industrial construction in various states & towns up and down the southeastern coast. In 2018, after realizing it was time to settle down - he chose Bristol, TN.  After seeing the passion and dedication that Cassidy put into canine training, he wanted to become a dog trainer himself.

Josh has spent the last year being an unseen hand to The Pawfect Place’s success - working full time while learning everything he could through helping Cassidy train dogs in the evenings and his days off. When the business made its big jump - he took the leap himself, making a complete career change to working with dogs full time. He has continued to bring new dynamics, his knowledge and fresh drive to further The Pawfect Place’s mission: to bridge the gap between man and man’s best friend. 

Josh has a passion for the great outdoors - hiking, kayaking, and camping. He also enjoys working on construction projects for the business, reading the news, and loves Star Wars. 


Front Desk Management

Julieann’s vast experience and variety of business management, sales services, merchandising, event planning and billing management makes her a key player in our Daily Operations.

Julieann does it all - she maintains staff, ensures safe & smooth operations of our facility, answers phones, scheduling, sales, uses her creativity and a huge array of other essential tasks. 

Julieann is a proud Wife and Mother of 3. 28 year old Navy Veteran, and Business Owner - Cassidy , and 2 Eagle Scouts - Matthew, 21 & Joshua, 15. She spends her time as an active scout leader enjoying the outdoors. Hiking and backpacking is a special time for her, especially with her baby MAX a 15 month old English Mastiff and American Staffordshire mix. 

Julieann is a experienced trail hiker with wilderness first aid training and would love to help you 



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